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Thanks to a friend I was able to find out that a new place was opening in the Oregon District in downtown Dayton, Ohio. The restaurant is called Sidebar and is currently in it’s “soft opening.”

My friend Jess is a waitress there and had nothing but good things to say….naturally….

Well I’m not one to visit a restaurant without trying it out for lunch first. Give me a show in the evenings but lunch for most places is just food…and that’s what I love.

Well to my luck Sidebar was having its first lunch ever this Monday…so instead of hitting a usual place we opted for the new one!

The restaurant is surprisingly inviting and has used every inch of the building to their advantage. Hardwood with pounded metal gives the place a more down to earth, yet, sophisticated feel. Large windows allow the light to pour in making the otherwise classy dinner place…a nice casual lunch stop.

Now…this may be petty….but I enjoy the little things….and the water glasses and tableware were different from others that I’ve seen…I was impressed…I know…I’m a dork! But it’s the attention to detail in places like this that make the experience.

The prices were a bit off to me. This is a classy place but it’s lunch! A plate here is going to run from $11-$16 without a drink or dessert. I don’t really like paying over $10 for lunch and most places….Pasha’s in particular….you get an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $9.95! My advice is for them to package together some lunch options and lower the price…prep it prior to opening to cut the cost a bit.

The food however….ahhh the food….It was amazing and…frankly…worth the cost. I had the Chicken with Chimichurry sauce with rice and vegetables. The chicken was cooked to perfection and not dry at all…the sauce was the signature though and left me wanting more! Portion size overall was pretty good. I heard the chef specializes in kind of  French/Peruvian fusion…from what I saw this was spot-on.

Then we opted to split a dessert (Tim and I…since I drag him everywhere). We had a soft cake with a vanilla custard and whip cream. This was awesome as well…but for $7 a serving….kind of a splurge! I think the menu called it a layer cake.

When Sidebar celebrates its Grand Opening I think I will have to pay it another visit. The dining experience is great and would be perfect for any special occasion. The service was impeccable (Thanks Jess) and the food was everything to be expected.

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Not myself…

She wasn't happy with me...

Hula Girl

Keg Stand

Horse vs. Drunk People

Well…Right now I’m trying to fend off a cold. And frankly it’s winning! This on top of all the of erratic weather patterns…well…This week can only go up from here!

There was also a kind of bittersweet moment to the week as well. I helped rescue a baby squirrel that seemed to be abandoned and dying. It was also being terrorized by some students. Tim and I did our best but sadly the baby squirrel didn’t make it. We did find some rat poison close to the site where we found her so that…coupled with the stress of almost being trampled by a band of evil students probably didn’t make for good odds.

Palmer Fest also happened this past weekend off of Campus…long story short….it was crazy as usual but I find it fun to photograph crazy drunk people! I didn’t stay for the entire event but apparently another couch was set on fire and some people were ran over by a police horse!

With the weather being the way it is though, I think I’m going to try and get out and photograph some waterfalls….hopefully this cold will stop soon!…If anyone has any good home remedies…or spells….or something….I’m willing! Haha!

Beatrix Kiddo the Squirrel....RIP

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Almost Done!

What can I say about these past few weeks? They have been crazy to say the very least but somehow I’m still kickin’. Only 4 weeks now until I get the college diploma….for which I had to pay for….yes….I’m still irked over that!

Aside from all the educational trauma I’ve been suffering I have to say that other things have been going well. Just recently I made the cover of Over the Back Fence Magazine and I also have a picture in the next Ohio Magazine….It’s great to see my photos working for me!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. Some of you may know that I’m President for the Ohio University chapter of NPPA. We frequently bring in speakers and yesterday we brought in two-time emmy award winner Eric Maierson from MediaStorm (a multimedia production company headed by Brian Storm). He gave a great presentation and inspired me to start hitting multimedia a little harder. I think this summer you’re going to see some more of it!

I’m also looking into some other things that have been on my mind for a bit…one of which is publishing something….what I’ll publish?….whoooo knows!….but I’m looking into it!

Also….the new section of the website is well on it’s way and will include the studio section of my work!

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…Sooo done with paperwork! Well this week has been a crazy one! The weekend was very busy with the 9th annual Shoot the Hills competition. We had over 180 entries and the weather was great….then bad….then great! The sudden storm, however, made for some great pictures! Everything went very smoothly with only a few glitches and the judges all did a great job!

Be sure to “Like” Shoot the Hills on Facebook for updates! Next year the contest is turning 10 and we’re going to do our best to make it memorable!

I’m also slightly poorer this week. I submitted my application for graduation and it set me back $85.00…..NOW……Here’s where I’m a little ticked off…..I’ve paid….well….A LOT….to the college. Why can’t they just give me a piece of paper. I mean I’ll even give them a piece of card-stock….just sign it and let me go!

I’ve also applied for graduate school!….I’m so done with filling out forms for this week that I’m just going to skip over details for now. My mind is numb.

Today was our weekly Soul of Athens meeting and the site is going to be amazing! Join us on Facebook for updates! We’ll be launching at the end of this quarter which is only a few weeks away!

The pictures I’ve posted are from my parent’s house. I drove over today to pick up a few things and drop a few things off…..It’s essentially my personal warehouse…..Well I took the camera (of course) and just playing around grabbed a nice shot of Cooper and did a dip-tic of a dandelion….and whoooooo doesn’t love dandelions!!?? Well….I don’t…..but they make for good pictures! The Wisteria was looking nice as well!

Until next time!

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iPhone Fun…again! I was stalking browsing Facebook today and saw that one of my friends was using a new iPhone App for photos!….Of course I had to check it out and within seconds of seeing the cool screen-caps of what it could do…I was buying it!…..Best $1.99 I’ve spent all week!  It’s called Hipstamatic and it pretty much creates those old-timey photographs that we all love…..minus that musty old smell that makes me nauseous….(could be Asbestos???)

With this App you get a few different lens choices and FILM….I’ve never seen a camera App actually take film into consideration… nice of them!…Now all we need to do now is educate the young-en’s on what film is…. Check out a few samples below!

Tim @ Starbucks.....circa 1973?

South Green....many moons ago...

Scripps Hall

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iPhone Fun!!! Well I thought I would post something a little light-hearted today. And prove to everyone that it is possible to take pictures with camera phones and make them look presentable….Step 1) get an iPhone……Step 2)… the Photoshop Application for iPhone! I also use a bunch of other Applications as well but that’s for another time.

I guess the message I want to convey here is that you don’t always have to lug around loads of equipment…..Yes….I have lost shots before but sometimes it’s better to enjoy the sunset rather than try to get the perfect frame….which will then be exploited to various publications for money. (and no…I’m not against that!)

But have some fun….grab the iPhone and go! Snap away….play around with it….make the picture your own!

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8 Weeks to Go! This week….well…..this quarter has been a busy one! I’m pretty done with these 20 credit hours and all of the other work on top of that. The weather is so beautiful….or so I hear! …Ha Ha!

On a lighter note, though, things were rather exciting this past week. To start E.W. Scripps College of Communication hosted the Schuneman Symposium on Thursday and had a wide range of speakers primarily focusing on New Media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, etc…). The Keynote, however, was Ana Marie Cox who is probably the funniest person I have heard in a good while. I go to a lot of lectures and speeches and I can proudly say that I payed attention to this one. You can follow her on Twitter @anamariecox

“The internet is made up of cute animals….and porn” – Ana Marie Cox

This week Ohio University also hosted the annual Baker Peace Conference. I was asked to photograph the event that focused on Women’s Rights. The keynote for this event was Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I had heard of Ms. Ali before but to not a great extent. After hearing her speak, though, I was amazed. She is very well spoken and has gone through so much in her life……me being myself though…..I heard that she just purchased an iPad….so…..for the one on one time I had with her….we talked about the iPad!

She was kind enough to let me take a quick portrait of her….I wish I had more time to think about it…but her posture and the way she carries herself made for a decent photo!

So how is everyone liking the new website? The Senior and Wedding section is still in the works and hopefully will be up shortly…..keep checking for updates!

On a side note….I’m contemplating buying the iPad….if anyone has any comments or suggestions please let me know. I’ve pretty much decided that if I can type as well on it as I can on my laptop then I’ll buy one….what do you think?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Wow…What have I been up to lately! 9 weeks of this quarter have flown by and I can say I don’t miss it much!

I was ambitious….I was determined….I was STUPID….I took way too many credit hours this quarter and sleep and free time have become an illusion. I enjoy my classes for the most part, however, there is just sooo much to do and when I get caught up I feel further behind.

During this quarter (while feeling ambitious and brave) I signed up for a Scuba Class….well…I now refer to it as my weekly brush with death. The beginning of the quarter was awful and I seriously almost drowned several times…I also thought about drowning myself a few times…LOL…It has been easing up, though, and I’m well on my way to being certified–I can say that I enjoy it now! Hopefully this will jumpstart some underwater photography.

And for the record….I heard that the groundhog in Pennsylvania saw it’s shadow….I love animals and all….but KILL IT!!!

I have been working really hard on new marketing efforts and with the help of (My Uncle and NEW Aunt) have been making some new updates for my website….expect this SOON!….I’m really excited about all of this and can’t wait to share more!

Into the depths of this 10-week quarter there was a glimmer of light that shined through all of the paperwork and snow….and snow….and more snow…. I had received a notice that I was a finalist for Photographer’s Forum Magazine’s annual contest. Out of 14,000 entries I was in the top running….First through Fourth place would be named Nikon Top Emerging Photographers…I was happy to be chosen out of such a large number…but I was thrilled when I found out I PLACED 4th!!!! (And yes…I did scream a little…but who wouldn’t) The image that placed is above (top). This was a much-needed moral booster and I couldn’t have been happier. And it’s Nikon which all of you know is my weapon of choice…so wooot!

I also have posted some images that are more recent. One is of glass artist Marco Jerman. I was asked by Ohio Magazine to photograph her for this months issue. She was an awesome person to meet and I had a blast photographing her while she worked. More and more lately I’ve been getting more assignments…this year is off to a great start so now all I have to do is….yes….GRADUATE.

The time is nearing. Just one more quarter…..just 20 more credits….just a few more breakdowns and I’m there! I can’t deny that I’m excited but there is a little anxiety involved….what to do from here?….where to go?…what jobs to look for?…The real world has officially caught up to me and it’s frightening. So I guess all I have to say from here is “Bring it on!”

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1 Quarter Down….2 to go!!!

It has been forever since I last wrote. This time, I have a pretty good excuse, though! This is my senior year of college and I just finished my final photography course…the hardest one to date.

During the course we had to think of…and execute 4 projects. The first was a test run….but the other 3 were hard. Audio and pictures had to be created….edited…then morphed into a print layout and a multimedia piece. Below are links to the multimedia pieces….let me know what you think!

Rhapsody Restaurant

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

All of this is kind of sad though….Undergraduate College is ending….4 years has flown by….I feel older….and I just turned 22….so there is confirmation of my older-ness….and WHAT’S NEXT!???

I’m definitely considering Graduate School and leaning toward Bio-Science. I think a quarter or two off will do me some good though…I need time to breath a little. This year has just started and I feel done already.

On a lighter note…next quarter I will be in Scuba diving course! I will more than likely drown but for Christmas I’m asking for some scuba-oriented items. After the course is over I will become certified and hopefully I can start doing some underwater photography.

My sister Allison has also celebrated a birthday as well. She is now 11 and almost as tall as me. She shares a birthday with our Grandpa Steve as well–I share one with my cousin Alison. November is always a busy month…The pictures above are from her party.

Christmas is already looking hectic…and I guess Thanksgiving is coming first…I really dread the Holidays…mainly from all of the traveling I have to do. Within the month of December I can put about 1,000 miles or more on my car!!!

Just recently I’ve placed in a photo contest sponsored by OhioToday. After looking through my submission they also want to publish 5 other images! This came as a surprise to me…I have been too busy to think about the submission and when I got a phone call yesterday about it….I was rather amused.

I’ve got a few other things in the works as well…but with time I can give you some more information and updates!

Happy Holidays!


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